Save The Greenbelt

Help save the Greenbelt- Say no to new highways through Ontario's Greenbelt.

Highway 413 would cut through the Greenbelt, pave over six kilometres of forest and 200 wetlands and 2,000 acres of farmland. Estimated at over $6 billion dollars, highway 413 supports sprawling unaffordable growth and increases GHG emissions.

STOP Highway 413

Friends care about keeping our Greenbelt protected.

In the last provincial election, Premier Doug was caught on video promising to open up the Greenbelt to development and he did just that until people spoke up for a protected Greenbelt.

We need smart growth, not sprawl. Protecting the Greenbelt is one of the reasons we support growing inward, making better use of land within our urban boundaries to encourage reinvestment and affordable housing right in our existing communities, protecting forests, farmers’ fields and watersheds.

One of the biggest threat are the Government’s plans to build three new mega highways through the Greenbelt – including proposed Highway 413

Wouldn’t you rather spend more time with family and friends than sitting behind the wheel of a car and seeing your hard-earned money spent on a hot, crowded highway and fuel? We want to stop Highway 413 and we are not alone. A recent poll found 76 percent of Ontarians believe the Greenbelt is no place for new multi-lane highways.

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The province is pushing for more carbon intensive growth than we can afford



Your voice matters and can make a difference!



Check out our resources page for webinars, maps and more