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Friends of GH Policy Submission – A Place to Grow

The Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe should be maintained as a provincial plan under the Places to Grow Act, 2005.
The proposed Provincial Policy Statement simply abandons virtually all the content and key goals, objectives and vision of the Growth Plan and in no way replicates the regional planning framework provided by the Growth Plan.
To address concerns of duplication and clarity, any Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) policies not currently covered by the Growth Plan – which covers the vast majority of them – should be incorporated into the Growth Plan and the PPS no longer apply to the Greater Golden Horseshoe. Further streamlining can be readily achieved by combining the other provincial plans covering the geography of the Greater Golden Horseshoe into a single provincial plan – a relatively straightforward exercise given the proposed repeal of the Parkway Belt West Plan and the Central Pickering Community Plan.

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Friends submission to Province on PPS policy changes

PPS ERO July 29 2023.docx To open full submission click on link above. partial text copy below Submission on ERO-019-6813…

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Do we really need to build on Ontario’s Greenbelt?

The Ontario Provincial Government recently passed Bill 23, more commonly known as the More Homes Built Faster Act, which opened…

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Friends of the Golden Horseshoe- Submission on ERO-019-6177

Review of A Place to Grow and Provincial Policy Statement December 30, 2022

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Friends of the Golden Horseshoe Newsletter #4

Click here for newsletter – see text below Recap of Fall 2022 As most are aware, this Fall saw the…

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Ford Lied about the Greenbelt.

Check out this news article on Bill 23 and Greenbelt lies

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Bill 39 – ‘Strong Mayor Powers’ – Better Municipal Governance Act, 2022

Submission by Friends of the Golden Horseshoe Click to view our submission

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Greenbelt Plan Removals Submission

The proposed Greenbelt removals are a massive betrayal of all Ontarians.

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Bill 23 Submission, More Homes Built Fast Act

The Friends of the Golden Horseshoe is a group who have a vision for healthy and prosperous communities throughout the…

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Victor Doyle: Ford government is squandering the future of the Golden Horseshoe

Without any mandate, using rapidly escalating housing prices as the rationale, and pursued under the cover of Covid, the Ford…

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Slides from Highway 413 Webinar

Presenter slide decks from April 20th webinar Slide Deck- Ken Greenberg Slide Deck –Tim Gray Slide deck – Divya Avora…

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Growth Planning presentations, Kevin Eby and Susan Lloyd Swail

Durham Presentation Deck February 2022 Niagara Presentation Deck March 2022 Simcoe Presentation Deck February 2022 Waterloo, Wellington, Brant Presentation Deck…

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Housing and Growth Articles and Research

The future is not the past: Challenging the use of historical propensities to determine future housing mix Kevin Eby, Winter…

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Friends of GH webinars

Don’t let the Provincial Government Pave our Future

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